We understand that the ultimate goal of any construction project is to deliver a facility that meets the needs of its owners as well as its end users. Our pre-construction expertise allows us to meet a wide range of criteria from budget and schedule considerations to functional and aesthetic requirements. Our pre-construction assignment lets us find ways to give you as many facility enhancements as possible. Our team actively looks for innovative solutions.

We leverage our national resources: the expertise of hundreds of construction professionals and our solutions library gathered from our continuous improvement initiatives and lessons learned in the field. We have solid relationships with trade partners, suppliers and manufacturers across the country. All of this is supported by our Target Value Design (TVD) system which is an estimating methodology used to break down traditional silos between designer and estimator.

Our approach is to deeply understand what you as the client want – in terms of program and in terms of allowable cost. We then work in concert with the design team to ensure that the designers and our estimators are “as one” throughout the design process so that there are no surprises. This is easier said than done and we have developed a suite of tools to ensure the process works for you. We believe that value engineering is the symptom of a dysfunctional team. Hear more from clients and design partners:

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