Westlock Treatment Plant

Westlock, Alberta

This project consisted of upgrading an existing water treatment plant and the construction of new raw water storage cells in preparation for the new distribution of water from the Town of Westlock to the Village of Clyde and Hamlet of Vimy. Upgrades to the existing facility included installation of new booster pumps to supply the new transmission line as well as upgrading the existing office space. Work comprised of almost doubling the size of the existing building, construction of a new raw water storage tank complete with the appropriate decontamination tanks, and relocating the electrical and chemical storage rooms. Site work included expanding the parking/drive areas and allowing for a further expansion to the treatment plant at a later date. Our work had to be planned around the delivery of equipment from overseas. Despite some equipment being delayed and/or being shipped out of sequence or incomplete, Chandos' attention to detail and project first attitude contributed significantly to the success of this project. This project involved treatment of potable water, as well as pumping from river intake, and pumping out to local potable water distribution system. Trades which were local to the area were employed.

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