Fort Saskatchewan School

Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

This project combined both renovation and new construction. The original elementary school, built in the 1940s, was to be kept with only part of it being demolished. The addition was approximately one and a half times the size of the existing school and included a new area for offices, two full size gyms, all classroom area, specialty classrooms, and two libraries. Full site services including all new mechanical and electrical systems were brought in.

This was a complex project and the school was to be operational during construction. There were three fixed deadlines; by the end of August 2009 the school's temporary facilities and temporary enclosures needed to be completed, by the end of August 2010 the addition needed to be completed to move the school into the new facilities, and by the end of August 2011 the existing school's modernization and renovation needed to be completed with the entire school fully operational. We are proud to say all three major deadlines were achieved.

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