John Ware Building

Calgary, Alberta

We are currently performing seven projects with SAIT for the restacking and program realignment of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Hospitality faculty at SAIT. The project is being delivered via Construction Management and involves taking the 1950’s era John Ware building that currently hosts both programs and converting it only into a Hospitality Faculty Building with an entirely new building envelope. The second part involves relocating the ICT programs to the Senator Burns Building and taking the Hospitality programs in that building and relocating them into the John Ware Building.

Both Buildings are fully operational and functioning during this time with ongoing classes in both and as such the work is built around a challenging timeline as the school is currently running at full capacity, meaning that work has been strategically planned around Spring break, Winter break and day/night/weekends to accommodate the students. To achieve this aggressive and complex schedule detail phased moving plans and sequences were developed and shared with the faculties and programs to ensure a seamless coordination.

The total value of the work for all of these projects is approximately $27M and all of the projects on SAIT are recycling over 74% of site waste.

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