Ross Sheppard Modernisation

Edmonton, Alberta

This extensive modernisation will be completed in phases over 36 months. The schedule and execution of this project must be carefully planned to ensure the safety and convenience of the students and staff. The complete asbestos and lead abatement in each phase adds to the challenge of renovating in an occupied space. We will be performing a complete electrical and mechanical systems upgrade along with a multitude of interior and exterior renovations to the building. We will be transforming classrooms and auxiliary spaces as well as constructing a gymnasium addition. One of the programs unique to Ross Sheppard is its extensive band program. Showcased in the school are a state-of-the-art music room, mandarin drums room, and auxiliary practice rooms complete with the extensive acoustic treatments required. Last but not least, the entire parking areas and landscaping will be revised and expanded to supply the parking needs of the 2200 students and staff.

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