YorkU Farquharson Life Sciences

Toronto, Ontario

This is an active teaching and functioning research lab for students and faculty conducting research. The research conducted helps educate and support experiments that may take months or years to complete. The scope of the project involves demolishing all systems and replacing all systems for four floors, creating a new curtain wall entry, decoupling and maintaining all systems to two buildings and a separate floor. It is a Joint-Venture project with Gillam Group. We are designing this project to LEED standards.

The building has ongoing operations on both sides and below our area of work. We planned for careful movement of vehicles and materials on campus as well as active barrier walls/doors and systems to keep the campus public outside the construction zone. Decoupling of all electrical, IT, Mechanical, security and other systems is required to maintain services to two adjacent buildings and the floor below which all have intertwined systems that remain active.

We engaged in an IPD-Lite CM process that gathered the entire team together and tackled potential issues quickly. As part of that initiative we tendered trade-partners for Mechanical, Electrical and Demolition well before the scope had been determined in order to assist in capture and proper design of the additional scope.

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