Villa Caritas

Edmonton, Alberta

We completed this 150 bed long term care facility on the Misericordia Hospital site in Edmonton, Alberta. In conjunction with the client, the design of this project was developed using a collaborative construction management approach. The owner implemented a change of use at approximately 80% construction completion stage. Revisions to the design occurred to accommodate the conversion to a geriatric mental health facility. Significant changes occurred including the addition of security and staff safety features. In order to reduce risk in the project at that point, we provided the client with extensive cost options to their changes and mitigated schedules to minimize impact. At the time we also called all key subtrades and worked collaboratively with them to find solutions to construction, budget and schedule. During design development and construction, we provided regular budget updates and value engineering to ensure that cost performance targets were met. Using this approach, we are able to provide continuity across the project for many stakeholders.

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