Seton Marriott Hotel

Calgary, Alberta

We were successful in winning this project because we brought solutions to the table. That mindset coupled with our flexible approach to construction sets us apart and has led to our team's success. This mindset also allowed us to overcome multiple challenges that arose during construction such as communication solutions and quality management control. The Seton Marriott Hotel is located on 2.10 acres of land and boasts 215,278 sq. ft. of space between a Residence Brand Marriott, Courtyard Branded Marriott, and an adjoining lobby and pool area. The Hotel project will service the surrounding area with meeting rooms, 224 guest suites, an underground parkade, restaurant, spa, and pool. The facility is the first of its kind in the new community of Seton. Construction included shoring, excavating, drywalling, tiling, installing carpet, load-bearing steel stud aluminum clad vinyl windows, metal panels, EIFS, and masonry work. We also completed a pool and fitness centre as well as a concrete parkade that converted to transfer beams on the second level. The lobbies of the two hotels are equipped to hold public forums and events and were substantially upgraded from the Marriott standard design. The project was delivered via Construction Management with design assist. The cost of design assist was provided as overhead once signed as a lump sum contract.

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