Cooling Plant on Campus

Edmonton, Alberta

This project is located directly east of new Edmonton Clinic on the University of Alberta campus. This building's floor area is contained in two floors complete with a 25-foot basement. The height of the roof is about 45 feet above the main floor. The main purpose of the building is to house heavy cooling plant process equipment; however, a portion of the building is used for light industrial fabrication and another portion is reserved for office space.

Some of the unique features of this LEED® Gold building include various curved wall panels, two elevators, demolition of civil works, as well as an extensive shoring system due to severely limited access and lay-down space for the staging and storage of materials. Deliveries had to be staged to suit availability of space and tools. Materials that were no longer required had to be removed from site in a timely manner. Our on-site efficiency allowed us to complete this project on time and within the set budget.

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