Calgary Public Building

Calgary, Alberta

The heritage and LEED Platinum status of this project impacted base building upgrades, tenant improvements, environmental upgrades and overall renovations to this occupied building. We managed cost control and contingency throughout the project as there were numerous scope additions on the client’s wish list that were contemplated and added at different stages of the project. We completed the project through a Construction Management delivery method and worked with the consultant team, the City of Calgary and the principal architect, through all phases of design and construction, to transform the aging building into a pillar of sustainability.

Originally the project was to consist of only a building envelope upgrade and M+E with an estimated project budget of $42 million. Using the Integrated Design Process (IDP), we were able to do an entire renovation of the interior and exterior within budget and completed the project for $34 million. By involving us early during pre-construction and using IDP, we were able to include all wish list items and, in return, provide the owner with a completely refurbished building within their budget constraints. Schedule was also a top priority in order for the customer to meet the required completion date and thereby qualify for significant environmental grants from the government. Because the building was occupied, the project team had to communicate scheduling to the municipal units using the building. We provided constructability and cost input, worked with the client to look at different scenarios for partial occupancy, empty building, and different scopes of work and aligned schedule, disruption and scope of work costs.

Project Highlights:

  • Worked with Heritage consultant to follow Standards & Guidelines for Conservation of Historic Places in Canada
  • Produced site safety plan and administered throughout project to ensure safety of general public, tenants and workers on the building - project had logistical challenges of zero laydown areas, Stephen Avenue, Olympic Plaza, EPCOR Performing Arts, and two floors at a time of building occupants.
  • Managed for communication between construction activities, occupant and surrounding activities, and the City.
  • Constant management of quality control ensured a smooth turnover of areas to client with limited issues and deficiencies.
  • Assisted in a robust commissioning of the newly installed systems as it was a LEED Platinum building and had many operational and mechanical systems which the operators needed to be educated on.

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