Northern Forestry Building

Edmonton, Alberta

This project consisted of an overall renovation to the pre-existing facility located in Edmonton. Some of the work that was completed includes: replacement of the air handling units, boilers, interior renovation of the lab facilities and washrooms, and the replacement of the roof. This facility was occupied and operational during this major renovation. Public Works and Government Services Canada was extremely impressed with our commitment and quality of work.

From the beginning, we closely followed PWGSC's requirements for this project. We tendered out the project in 6 packages over the course of an 8 month period, as required. This began with a discussion on priority items for the building. We then led discussions with the Consultant and engineers on their time frame to do drawings for those packages in question. From there, we tendered out packages as the drawings came in, in order to be as efficient as possible with our procurement. We also took leadership in phasing the work in a way that best suited Northern Forestry and PWGSC. We took great pride in this project because of our successful close coordination with building occupants. We cleaned up our work areas two times a day on this working facility. Providing bi-weekly updates to our Owner helped keep communication on track. In terms of scheduling, we conducted Look Aheads on a weekly basis with operating personnel and our site staff. This certainly contributed to keeping the project on track because it created accountability and commitment in our trade partners.

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