Agri-Food Research Centre

Lethbridge, Alberta

This energy retrofit is a three-phased project that Chandos successfully completed Phase I in January, 2014. All phases are through a Construction Management delivery method. We were awarded Phase II which we are currently 70% complete and tracking 1 year ahead of schedule. We also were awarded Phase III which has just begun. This project was for the Federal Government at the Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada research station which has existed in Lethbridge for more than 100 years. This facility contains research facilities and level three containment laboratories which were respected to ensure that research progressed without risking an escape from the containment laboratories. This was done successfully during completion thanks to the efficiency of our team. The project has 3 major initiatives: exterior envelope upgrade, interior office renovations, exterior re-roof and forecourt redesign. The facility remained fully operational during construction which required well executed phasing and coordination such as the open and closure of stairways, entrances and exits as they relate to construction demands and facility operations. Asbestos abatement services were required for interior and exterior demo work.

We implemented a recycling program with a project goal of 75% which is currently tracking over 83%. Air quality monitoring services were also provided to ensure that the necessary precautions were taken through demolition and construction periods as certain areas were required to stay fully operational. Temporary offices were built to relocate employees while their spaces were being renovated in an effort to minimize disturbance to their working conditions. Communication between Chandos, consultants and PWGSC is consistent and thorough. The entire team meets bi-weekly to discuss the project and on other weeks a bi-weekly report is provided to outline progress, constraints and mitigation. Itemized work is assigned priority and scheduling exercises become reflective of these discussions. Walk-throughs with the team are conducted throughout the project to identify potential challenges, and milestone walk-throughs take place to ensure quality. This allows for a collaborative approach when facing adjustments whether they be financially or construction driven. Alternatives are discussed and the pros and cons are weighed to ensure that the most feasible solution is created without compromising efficiency or quality. Tender documents are discussed with the project team to ensure that major points are captured and administered to the bidding parties. Budgets are created and discussed ahead of time, and the team reviews the carried quotations when provided for additional work.

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