Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Chalk River, Ontario

Chandos is part of the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) team selected to design and construct three new buildings at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Ltd.’s (CNL) Chalk River Laboratories facility. The buildings are non-nuclear and will include a Business Hub, Main Gate and Logistics Warehouse, as well as a Support Facility. This project aims to deliver a robust and reliable addition to the existing Chalk River Laboratories campus that will house essential business functions and aid efficient business delivery for many years to come at Canada’s premier Science and Technology facility.

The Business Hub aims to improve productivity, efficiency, morale and site safety by creating space for approximately 400 employees with support and amenities including a data centre, library, central records, health and wellness centre, flexible auditorium, and shared meeting spaces.

The Main Gate and Logistics Warehouse will act as a dual-function hybrid building that will optimize security to enhance safety, service and storage by providing site security, a visitor badging and security check point, employee vehicle entry gates, truck scanning and site entry, shipping and receiving, inventory / warehouse stores, as well as office space.

The Support Facility will enable CNL to provide uninterrupted preventative and corrective maintenance support, improve maintenance and work management, improve staff productivity and efficiency, as well as reduce the risk of equipment failure.

The overall design program will consider current and future staffing projections, efficiencies of work process, and external collaboration/conference requirements, all of which can be scaled according to the sites needs, and potentially expanded seamlessly in the future should business demands or partnerships require it.

The project is currently in the validation phase. Construction is expected to begin in Spring 2019.

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