Engineering Services Facility

Edmonton, Alberta

This project was completed for the City of Edmonton. We constructed a single storey 41,115 sq. ft. building, that has a variety of uses. These include offices, board rooms, a library and a cafeteria. Other elements in this building were the laboratories and curing rooms. The labs are used for testing transportation materials – concrete, asphalt and geotechnical components. The central feature inside this building is a long high clerestory that contains a water feature which runs the length of the building and separates the offices from the laboratories. The exterior of the building is modern design and uses many elements, metal panels, brick, zinc panels, wood, glass and aluminum. This project also included a 56,000 sq. ft. parking lot. The extensive landscaping includes holding ponds. This project is targeted LEED Silver. Construction on the facility was delivered using a collaborative construction management process that allowed us to optimize cost, schedule and quality.

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