Mosaic Centre

Edmonton, Alberta

Late in 2012, an owner approached us to build an office that would target net-zero energy, LEED platinum, Living Building Challenge and would still need to be affordable while achieving the targets. The owner wanted an enjoyable process and we knew that a highly collaborative design and construction process was the only way to get us there. Our team had already been doing research on Integrated Project Delivery and had only dabbled in the ideas of Lean, but this project seemed like the perfect fit for both.

Along with the team of consultants and the owner, we tackled the Mosaic Centre project head on. We knew that help would be required and went out to a mentor contractor in the US to get training and advice. With an industry that does not embrace change, we were being watched. We executed the first IPD contract in Alberta and one of the first ones in Canada. We brought in training to teach us about Lean and the Last Planner System so we could be more effective on site.

The Mosaic Centre project was pivotal in the inspiration for our company to really do things differently. Lean and IPD became key parts of our strategic plan. Each and every management position had an accountability agreement that was tied to Lean and IPD success metrics. Continuous improvement became the driver from the ground up and the top down. The building itself is a beautiful, net-zero energy, sustainable commercial space for the client and other tenants. The space includes a green wall, is powered by solar energy, and has a vision to contribute to the whole human experience, not just be another building. The owner also wanted it to be affordable. Using IPD, this 30,000 sq.ft. building, came in on budget, and was delivered four months before the scheduled completion

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