UofA Pearson Lab

Edmonton, Alberta

The Pearson Lab contains several level 3/4 containment laboratories used as clean rooms by research personnel undertaking testing of rocks and metal fragments. We coordinated the installation of several lasers, mass spectrometers, and twelve hepa hoods. We also worked closely with Dr. Pearson of the University of Alberta to ensure that his expectations of performance, quality, and schedule were met. Our collaborative working relationship with the design team and the research staff was critical to our project success. The Level 4 containment laboratories are very specialized featuring isolation from the surrounding building, treatment of incoming/outgoing air and water, air locks, and showers. Research personnel wear positive air pressure body suits while working in the facility. One of the clean rooms in this facility was built without any metals. That requirement was to ensure that the sensitive equipment used to test for metals in rock fragments were not influenced by metal used in the construction. Our team developed effective solutions to this significant challenge. This project was delivered using a collaborative construction management approach by which we could optimize cost, quality, and performance for our customer.

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