We specialize in projects with a level of complexity that requires deep collaboration for success. From a nuclear research facility to a conference room renovation we execute every project with relentless accountability. We do everything we can to earn your trust and build great lasting relationships. The market segments in which we compete include:


To most, an educational building is simply a school. We see education buildings as places where potential is realized, imagination flourishes, and life-long lessons are learned. At least until lunch.


These facilities drive us into the future. They are places where cutting-edge research shapes tomorrow's practices and where scientific theory meets practical application.


Many in our industry think of recreation facilities in terms of the unique built form. There's something more, something deeper. In these buildings we see a place where communities unite.


Quality health care is central to Canada's national identity. We turn to medical facilities for healing, information, urgent care, and much more. We have completed hundreds of supportive-living facilities.


Outstanding customer service is critical for success in the hospitality industry. Hospitality clients use our team because they receive excellent customer service, similar to the service they give their clients.


From million square foot malls to gas stations, banks and more – our track record speaks volumes. You can rely on our team to deliver on time, every time no matter what.


We understand the business model of industrial projects: develop revenue models for owners and maximize investor returns. Chandos has earned its reputation for delivering on these realities to a range of clients.


Civil infrastructure is the backbone of our society. We have an acute appreciation of this because we've managed numerous projects paramount to the high standard of living we've all come to expect.


Great institutions touch so many in our community. We see the passion of those who make our world a better place in the facilities we build and that motivates us to go beyond expectations.


Developers and owners must be critically aware of market conditions while understanding shifting demographic tides. We collaborate with residential partners on multiple fronts to address factors that influence buyers.