If you have a mission-critical process housed in a building in need of repair, talk to us about how we can restore your facility without risking your operations. Chandos is one of the most experienced contractors in Canada in conducting major renovation work to occupied mission-critical facilities.

There is a more cost-effective alternative to facility relocation, shutdown and decommission. We have developed specialized work processes and training. The key to success is training and on-boarding customized to meet the requirements of your operations team. Nobody sets foot on site without understanding the unique site requirements.

Many projects of this type include a building envelope component. We believe that we are one of the most experienced contractors in the nation for large-scale building envelope replacements. If you need to replace the exterior walls of a high-rise tower in the dead of winter while keeping the building fully occupied with revenue-producing tenants we’ve got a team for you.

In many instances envelope work is paired with code/structural upgrades and interior re-stack and mechanical/electrical systems replacement. All in an occupied building! Our organization has travelled all over Canada doing complex work of this nature.